Lucies Farm Nutrition Primer
A dog’s life, then and now: a brief history of feeding

When dogs were wild, they devoted much of their daily activity to hunting. For about 3,000 years after domestication, dogs ate whatever food was left for them at the end of a meal. It was a scrappy, tough existence.

In 1922, a group of American businessmen started a new industry . Horsemeat unsuitable for human consumption could be converted into dog food. Gradually, complex formulas and elaborate ingredients came into vogue. Generally speaking, modern dog food is well balanced. Although today’s dog no longer must search out food, mealtime remains a central aspect of his/her life. From the person in charge of feeding to the diet itself, routine is one of the most important factors affecting a dog’s behaviour. Routine helps to ensure a good appetite, digestion and regular eliminations.


A Dog's Life
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