Lucies Farm Nutrition Primer
Supply vs. demand: dietary components and your dog’s health

In this section we break down the primary food components necessary for a healthy, active dog. We talk about sources, both good and bad, plus give you an idea of why each of these is important in your dog’s diet.

Fats :

In canine terms, fats mean energy. Dogs use this energy to build muscle and sustain their daily activities, from hunting to herding. Fats are the most efficient source of energy for a dog. If there is too little fat in the diet, the dog will pull energy from other sources, depleting other body processes of necessary nutrients (food). A good dietary goal is 25% to 30% of food calories from fats. Essential fatty acids also must come from external sources for the dog’s best health. Linoleic acid in particular must contribute approximately 2% of the total calories in the dog’s diet.

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