Lucies Farm Nutrition Primer
Major considerations, or, how to avoid deficiencies

We all know the Great Goal is a ‘balanced diet’ combining several food types. The reality is that a truly balanced diet only exists as a theoretical unit. Veterinarians now refer to a dog’s daily requirements instead of a recommended daily ‘allowance’ of nutrients. Growth, health and performance potential rely on the right ratios and food sources that a dog can assimilate (absorb and use) easily. (Actually, no one agrees on specific foods to include in a dog’s diet, except for one: liver. Liver provides certain crucial nutrients better than any other food source.)


A dog needs energy more than anything. And for that, s/he needs calories. Lots of ‘em. This is one of the most important, fundamental requirements. It relates directly to how much food the dog must consume every day. This is critical for a dog owner to keep in mind.

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