Home Grown, Natural Dog Food

You want your dog to lead a long, healthy, productive, and playful life. More than 30% of dog owners feed their pets commercial food exclusively. Wouldn't you prefer to feed your dog nutritionally complete, home-made meals?

These days, between demands for your time and work schedules, home-cooked meals can be a challenge. That's why Lucies Farm is introducing a new line of Premium Dog Food. Nourishing, fresh, human-grade ingredients in an easy-to-use package. Our overnight delivery service offers you added convenience and value. It's simplicity defined.

Near-Perfect Cuisine

Our two English Bull Terriers, Kiko and Tapa, are part of the family at Lucies Farm. It's important to us that they eat healthy, balanced meals. We thought it well worth the effort to research ideal canine diets and put various recipes through vigorous, real-time taste tests. In the end, we couldn't have done it without Kiko and Tapa. And analysis has proven what we and they already knew --- our premium dog food is virtually spot on from a dietary standpoint.

Food As Good As Gold

All ingredients are top-grade, fresh and organic where possible: vegetables, whole grains, and natural vitamins and minerals. The meat comes from our own Highland cattle: born, fed, and raised right here. The ingredients in our dog food are so good they'd make anyone a tasty Sunday stew. Our recipes are simple and delicious: only fresh, human grade ingredients with no preservatives, colouring, or additives.

Home Grown is Better

Selecting a good food is a top concern for any pet owners. Most commercially produced pet food is made from meat processing by-products and filler material, with synthetic vitamins and minerals added.

Fact is, simply combining necessary nutrients does not ensure a healthful meal. A proper feed mix is more subtle chemistry than that. Supplements must be present in the right ratios, from sources that the dog can absorb and use (assimilate). Home grown food, by its very nature, embodies the four characteristics of a high quality meal:

  1. Supplies plenty of energy
  2. Furnishes the correct dietary mix for the dog's age
  3. Supports digestion and absorption by use of complementary ingredients
  4. Delivers palatable food, ensuring your dog eats enough.

The Lucies Farm Advantage

Nutritional balance is just one reason to change from commercially made kibbles or canned food to fresh, home-made food. Tasty, easy-to-digest food will boost your dog's energy. Proper ratios of vitamins and minerals eliminate the need for supplements and improve absorption of critical nutrients. Additionally, you should notice these other benefits:

  1. Improved overall health
  2. Good looks: clear skin; glossy, velvety coat
  3. Healthy teeth and gums: less "dog breath"
  4. Efficient digestive functions = less frequent bowel movements

Premium Dog Food, Shipped Fresh to Your Door

Packed fresh and immediately frozen for shipment, the Lucies Farm Premium Dog Food defrosts beautifully with no loss of freshness.

Please remember: Any change in a dog's diet needs to be introduced gradually. If your dog is used to dried, canned, or moist food, mix the natural food with it. Gradually increase the ratio of natural food to the other until the changeover is complete.

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